Trump’s Path to Victory


    Most major news outlets and polling organizations have declared Joe Biden the Presidential election winner, making him our future 46th President of the United States. However, that is not yet final, and there is a path for Donald Trump to remain President. Though it is a tall order for the President to find this path, it is not impossible.  

    Business insider has projected that Donald Trump will win North Carolina, a significant hold for President Trump. With that win, the President’s legal team can focus on razor-thin states such as Georgia. Georga is separated by 12,651 votes or 0.21%. Arizona, a state called quickly by networks such as Fox News, is divided by 12,813 votes, a 0.39% difference. Both of these states are critical to President Trump’s path to victory. 


    About 55,100 votes are left to count in Arizona, most of which come from Maricopa County, which tends to lean conservative. For Donald Trump to reclaim the 11 critical electoral votes, the President needs to take about 62% of the remaining ballots. If he doesn’t and falls just short, they are separated by a few hundred votes or up to 2000. At that point, allegations of voter fraud become far more severe. If it was found, for example, that 2000 deceased people cast a ballot, a possibility, then the President could flip the state.  


    Georgia’s 16 electoral votes have not been finalized, despite the mainstream media’s claims. Biden has a slight lead, but similar to Arizona, it’s not a large lead and is heading for a recount. If Trump flips Georgia out as well as Arizona, the whole Presidential election then falls to Pennsylvania.


    Joe Biden, as of this writing, holds a 47,566 vote lead in the state of Pennsylvania. However, many of those votes, hundreds of thousands, were accepted and counted after Election Day. Contrary to its state Constitution, the recent Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruling allowed mail-in ballots to be received after 8 pm on November 3rd and be counted. All of these votes, however, must be separated from those received on time. If the President’s case goes to the Supreme Court, those votes could be thrown out, and Pennsylvania’s 20 electoral votes could fall to President Trump.  


    Wisconsin is another state to keep an eye on. As of publication, Vice President Biden is ahead of President Trump by 20,540 votes or 0.7%. Yet, something very odd happened in Wisconsin on election night. President Trump had a 109,000 vote lead on election night when all counting stopped. At around 4:30 am Wisconsin, the mainstream media announced Biden ahead by 20,000 votes. Election fraud has not been proven, but a shift of that statistical probability is unlikely to have been legitimate.  

    For President Trump to win, his most likely path is flipping Georgia and Arizona. If he does that, a Supreme Court case in Pennsylvania will likely decide our next President. If President Trump cannot claim Georgia or Arizona or Wisconsin, he has no path to re-election.


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