Student Letter Advances Curriculum to Fight COVID, Racism, and Climate Change in SW Schools


*The Island County Free Press recently received a copy of the following letter sent from United Student Leaders to the South Whidbey School District Board Members. While the letter is dated 1/12/2020, the ICFP believe it was actually sent January of 2021. The letter is presented below in its entirety, including the list of signators. *

January 12, 2020

Dear South Whidbey School District Board Members,

Thank you for taking the time to listen to and recognize the concerns brought to you by students over the last few months.

For those who don’t know us, we are USL (United Student Leaders), a coalition of students from across Whidbey Island. We have taken on different projects around the community to bring awareness to the climate crisis and its threat to our generation. Recently, we have been diving deeper into the importance of transforming education.

We are taking action to reboot our educational system with a more robust curriculum and practices that better reflect the world we are living in today. Over the past few months, we have joined the conversation with SWSD around the curriculum for the new classes as well as other issues. We are currently dealing with three pandemics: COVID-19, racism (and other forms of oppression, discrimination, and bullying), and the climate crisis. These issues require us to consider gaps in our educational system and find ways to close those gaps.

We, as students, need to have continued involvement in our education in order to tackle these pandemics. We are in full support of implementing the Ethnic Studies and the Environmental Science classes and are asking for the SWSD Board to approve them. Both are essential to our education and are long overdue.

Ethnic Studies Class
We support the Ethnic Studies class because there have been many examples of racism and other forms of oppression, discrimination, and bullying within our district and our community. In this increasingly polarized country, we must work together to understand each other and our world. This starts with education.

To be clear, the revision of the equity policy at the beginning of the year and the creation of the ethnic studies class are not in response to the Black Lives Matter movement and current events. Instead, they are a timely response to the problems our district has faced for years. The Ethnic Studies class is critical to eradicating racism. First of all, it is crucial for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) students to see their history represented.

Secondly, it is even more important for White students to take this class. White people have treated racism as the BIPOC community’s problem even though they have both created and perpetuated it. White students need to understand their privilege and that it is not enough to not be racist—they have to be anti-racist in order to avoid complicity in racism. Most importantly, they have to understand that racism still exists and that BIPOC people are still being harassed and killed over the color of their skin.

In addition, South Whidbey has been an unsafe and harmful learning environment for youth in the LGBTQIA+ community. Because of this, LGBTQIA+ history and current events should be included in the new Ethnic Studies curriculum. LGBTQIA+ topics are continually changing and evolving, and students must learn about the current fight for the rights of the LGBTQIA+ community.

We want to acknowledge that while this class is a good first step, the school is not going above and beyond by adding this class. We must all continue to fight for our schools to teach BIPOC history and not just White history. We hope that the content of this class will become a natural part of the curriculum, and Ethnic Studies themes will be incorporated into other classes that they influence.

Environmental Science Class
This brings us to our support of the Environmental Science class. We believe the Environmental Science class is crucial for developing climate-literate individuals and critical thinkers.

Climate change needs to be presented as fact and taught as modern history and science. This class will teach students the effects of the climate crisis as they also learn the root causes behind it. It will also provide a space where students can openly discuss the climate crisis and its impacts on their future. Students need to recognize the difference between political topics and science. One essential way that can happen is through education.

While we support the Environmental Science class, climate change is a topic that affects all subjects within our school. It is essential to include it in all education levels and needs to be included in other courses and curriculums. The climate crisis is the biggest threat to the human race. If students don’t have the knowledge they need to tackle this crisis, then there is no hope for the future.

In the words of South Whidbey School District’s mission statement—we need to prepare students to “be resilient, innovative, compassionate, and productive graduates prepared for a diverse and dynamic world.”

We can no longer teach a White-centric view of the world, its many places, and peoples. Nor can we ignore the climate crisis and its threat to our collective futures. If we aren’t adequately educated on these critical topics, then we run the risk of repeating the actions of historical oppressors.

We hope that SWSD will honor its duty to its students and its community and add these classes in order to continue bringing education into the 21st century.

Thank you for your time and consideration.
—Jackson Murphy, Maggie Nattress, Annie Philp, Claire Philp, Eva Wirth, and Maddy Racicot on behalf of United Student Leaders

WE, THE UNDERSIGNED 480 students; teachers and educators; organizations; alumni; elected officials; parents, relatives, and caregivers of students; community members and supporters, agree with this letter. We support the letter written by the USL youth and are asking that the South Whidbey School District accepts the addition of both the Ethnic Studies and Environmental Science classes and continues to work towards a more inclusive, equitable, safe, and relevant school system.

Naomi Atwood, Langley, WA
Joseph Busig, Oak Harbor, WA
Emma Callahan, Clinton, WA
Shelby Campbell, Langley, WA
Lilah Chappelle, Freeland, WA
Daniel Cheuvront, Clinton, WA
Emilia Deal, Clinton, WA
Rowan Dickerson, Clinton, WA
Edythe Donham, Clinton, WA
Lily Farnham, Langley, WA
Jayna Fink, Seattle, WA
Parker Forsyth, Langley, WA
Audrey Gmerek, Clinton, WA
Chloe Gossler, Langley, WA
Aiden Haines, Langley, WA
Taryn Henny, Langley, WA
Grace Huffman, Greenbank, WA
Abigail Ireland, Freeland, WA
Alexa Johnson, Clinton, WA
Alicia Johnson, Freeland, WA
Robin Jones, Clinton, WA
Dylann Jones, Clinton, WA
Netty Jurriaans, Langley, WA
Katie Kerley, Langley, WA
Sophia Kinata, Langley, WA
Ashley Lynch, Langley, WA
Julia Maher, Freeland, WA
Aidan Martin, Freeland, WA
Amoraea Martin, Freeland, WA
Alexis Mburu, Seattle, WA
Adeline McCleary, Langley, WA
Romy McKey, Seattle, WA
Mary Moss, Clinton, WA
Kelly Murnane, Clinton, WA
Nikki Murnane, Clinton, WA
Jackson Murphy, Clinton, WA
Ada Murray, Clinton, WA
Sharon Abreu, Eastsound, WA
Maggie Nattress, Langley, WA
Molly Nattress, Langley, WA
Magnus Nyberg, Freeland, WA
Sarah O’Neill, Langley, WA
Sophia Patrin, Clinton, WA
Annie Philp, Langley, WA
Claire Philp, Langley, WA
Lucy Ploof, Langley, WA
Maddy Racicot, Langley, WA
Lilja Ringsrud, Langley, WA
Katya Schiavone, Freeland, WA
Savannah Simmons, Freeland, WA

Teachers and educators
Emmy Atwood, Langley, WA
Indigo Solis, Clinton, WA
Christina Sousa, Langley, WA
Niki Taylor, Freeland, WA
Cece Velasquez, Freeland, WA
Simone White, Langley, WA
Eva Wirth, Clinton, WA
Ella Wood, Langley, WA
Jordan Wu, Freeland, WA
Solaris Zourzouvilly, Langley, WA
Katherine Zundel, Clinton, WA
Sarah Zundel, Clinton, WA
Susan Blythe-Goodman, Seattle, WA
Charlene Brown, Freeland, WA
Colleen Chan, Anacortes, WA
Ellen Christensen, Coupeville, WA
Dominique Davis, Seattle, WA
Lindsey DeMots, Langley, WA
Melissa Duffy, Oak Harbor, WA
Philippa Gordon, Freeland, WA
Marguerite Greening, Eastsound, WA
Shelley Hartle, Langley, WA
Janet Holland, Coupeville, WA
Derek Hoshiko, Clinton, WA
Lori Jackintell, Clinton, WA
Pam Jenkins, Olga, WA
David Jones, Edmonds, WA
Judy Kaplan, Freeland, WA
Sharon Karafelis, Clinton, WA
William Keepin, Clinton, WA
Maya Kilmer, Freeland, WA
Ana Kinkaid, Issaquah, WA
Lisa Kois, Freeland, WA
Diane Leganza, Greenbank, WA
David Locke, Langley, WA
Corinne Lombino, Tacoma, WA
Claudia Losada, Oak Harbor, WA
Tari Lowery, Colorado Springs, CO
Mary Mantei, Traverse City, MI
Dana Moffett, Langley, WA
Gretchen Murphy, Bothell, WA
Kathryn O’Brien, Clinton, WA
Nadine Oliver, Olga, WA
Madelaine Pinkerton, Langley, WA
Brian Reid, Coupeville, WA
Louise Richardson, Langley, WA
Joann Roomes, Coupeville, WA
Ronlyn Schwartz, Langley, WA
Bridgit Sims, Coupeville, WA
James Sutter, Seattle, WA
David Turnoy, Eastsound, WA
Mike Walker, Oak Harbor, WA
Rebecca Wolfe, Edmonds, WA

Sno-Isle Sierra Club Whidbey Environmental Action Network Alumni
Mimosa Collins, Seattle, WA
Michael Davidson, Langley, WA
Mallory Drye, Langley, WA
Elli Dubendorf, Langley, WA
Natasha Dworkin, Seattle, WA
Chloeastyr Edwards, Lynnwood, WA
Lydia Farrel, Langley, WA
Richard Grubb, Coupeville, WA
Michael Harwell, Freeland, WA
Libby Hawkins, Greenbank, WA
Kristin Hoelting, Loveland, CO
Gavin Imes, Tucson, AZ
Kate Johnson, Clinton, WA
Marla Kelly, Langley, WA
Anna McLeod, Langley, WA
Helen Price Johnson, Clinton, WA
Alea Robertson, Clinton, WA
Seth Sobottka, Freeland, WA
Solina Sotelo, Everett, WA
Skye Telleen, Langley, WA
Margaret Timms, Burlington, WA
Sayaka Yokota, Hawaii City, HI

Parents, relatives, and caregivers of students
Shannon Arndt, Langley, WA
Nydia Blood, Langley, WA
Virginia Bloom, Freeland, WA
Enid Braun, Clinton, WA
Cait Cassee, Freeland, WA
Sarah Chappelle, Freeland, WA
Jessica Cheuvront, Clinton, WA
Patricia Coffey, Langley, WA
Britt Conn, Clinton, WA
John Cook, Seattle, WA
Martin Coombe, Langley, WA
Sasha Cranch, Freeland, WA
Margaret Delp, Clinton, WA
Lynne Donnelly, Freeland, WA
Hillary Edwards, Langley, WA
Martin Fernandez, Langley, WA
Mary Fisher, Clinton, WA
Rhiannon Fisher, Freeland, WA
Teresa Forsyth, Langley, WA
Regina Foucht, Seattle, WA
Meg Gluckman, Langley, WA
Elizabeth Gmerek, Clinton, WA
Emi Gunn, Langley, WA
Susan Hamilton, Snohomish, WA
Kristina Harris, Clinton, WA
Valerie Heggenes, Langley, WA
Tonya Henny, Langley, WA
Laura Hudson, Clinton, WA
Jim Hyde, Langley, WA
Kathy Ireland, Freeland, WA
Susan Janow, Langley, WA
Jeanne Juneau, Langley, WA
Jennifer Jurriaans, Langley, WA
Kenleigh Kelly, Langley, WA
Frances Kenney, Langley, WA
Karyle Kramer, Clinton, WA
Janice Laursen, Clinton, WA
Molly Layman, Clinton, WA
Meredith Macharia, Langley, WA
Catherine Marshall, Freeland, WA
Alison McManus, Clinton, WA
Reed McNeil, Langley, WA
Kiley Meszaros, Clinton, WA
Elise Miller, Freeland, WA
Mj Miller, Langley, WA
Judith Moore, Coupeville, WA
Christine Mulcahy, Langley, WA
Amanda Murphy, Clinton, WA
Cailyn Murray, Clinton, WA
Tyla Nattress, Langley, WA
Andrew Neff, Clinton, WA
Teresa Nero-Wirth, Clinton, WA
Julie O’Brien, Clinton, WA
Jodie Philp, Langley, WA
Kenneth Philp, Langley, WA
Teresa Pope, Freeland, WA
Simona Prael, Freeland, WA
Gail Ptacek, Clinton, WA
Kaualani Raabe, Langley, WA
Heather Racicot, Langley, WA
Megan Dunn, Everett, WA
Amy Reynolds, Freeland, WA
Ursula Roosen-Runge, Freeland, WA
Valerie Roseberry, Oak Harbor, WA
Annie Rundberg, Langley, WA
Stephanie Ryan, Clinton, WA
Sara Saltee, Freeland, WA
Ansel Santosa, Clinton, WA
Peter Schlagel, Coupeville, WA
Brooke Schroeder, Clinton, WA
Paul Schuller, Clinton, WA

Elected officials
Krista Loercher, Langley, WA
Dierdre Sherman, Clinton, WA
Jenny Staats, Clinton, WA
Dede Strawn- Dona, Portland, WA
Kimberly Taksony, Clinton, WA
Caysie Tolbert, Langley, WA
Karen Vanderbilt, Langley, WA
Katie Watkins, Langley, WA
Sheila Weidendorf, Langley, WA
Carrie Whitney, Clinton, WA
Peter Morton, Langley, WA

Community members and supporters
Shelly Ackerman, Langley, WA
Kitty Adams, Langley, WA
Carol Anderson, Eastsound, WA
Terra Anderson, Freeland, WA
Bob Arndt, Langley, WA
Bonnie Arndt, Langley, WA
Gayle Austin, Langley, WA
Cynthia Babcock, Clinton, WA
Linda Bainbridge, Greenbank, WA
Christina Baldwin, Freeland, WA
Betty Bartleson, Olga, WA
Larry Behrendt, Coupeville, WA
Ella Bennett, Langley, WA
Shirley A Bennett, Coupeville, WA
Gene Berg, Freeland, WA
Paul Bigelow, Coupeville, WA
Candace Blaclwell, Mount Vernon, WA
Harolynne Bobis, Langley, WA
Denice Bochantin, Freeland, WA
Penelope Cabot, Langley, WA
Robert Cabot, Langley, WA
Debra Calkins, Freeland, WA
Ann Campbell, Langley, WA
Tom Campbell, Langley, WA
Karen Carbone, Freeland, WA
Carrie Carpenter, Langley, WA
Kevin Carrrabine, Langley, WA
David Castor, Olga, WA
Tracy Castro-Gill, Seattle, WA
Cortez Charles, Puyallup, WA
Emily Childs, Seattle, WA
Alex Chuang, Seattle, WA
Aaron Coates, Clinton, WA
Estlin Coates, Clinton, WA
Hillel Coates, Clinton, WA
Miriam Coates, Clinton, WA
Stacey Coleman, Olga, WA
Bruce Colley, Freeland, WA
Sylvian Colley, Freeland, WA
Kristine Collins, Langley, WA
Wilfred Collins, Langley, WA
Carmen Cook, Clinton, WA
M Leslie Cotter, Langley, WA
Sheri Croll, Greenbank, WA
Malcolm Cumming, Clinton, WA
Gretchen Darmand, Langley, WA
Dianne Deseck-Piazzon, Coupeville, WA
Naomi Dietrich, Everett, WA
Grace Diliberto, Freeland, WA
Wendy Dion, Langley, WA
Carol Doering, Clinton, WA
Kim Drury, Langley, WA
Claire Duncan, Lubbock, TX
Marcia Dunigan, Langley, WA
Robb Eagle, Olga, WA
Marianne Edain, Langley, WA
Erica Eden, Freeland, WA
Deborah Eimers, Langley, WA
Jack Fackerell, Greenbank, WA
Suzanne Fageol, Langley, WA
Adriane Fain, Coupeville, WA
John Ficalora, Langley, WA
Pamela Fick, Oak Harbor, WA
Laural Fishet, Freeland, WA
Craig Fleck, Clinton, WA
Kelly Ford, Langley, WA
Shelli Foster, Clinton, WA
Larry Fox, Freeland, WA
Thomas Fox, Langley, WA
Alina Frank, Langley, WA
Maureen Freehill, Langley, WA
Robert French, Langley, WA
Elicia Fritsch, Coupeville, WA
Richard Gammon, Langley, WA
Maya Garber-Yonts, Langley, WA
Alexandra Gayek, Olga, WA
Hugh Gerrard, Freeland, WA
Laurie Gerrard, Freeland, WA
John Giamberso, Greenbank, WA
K Gilliam, Coupeville, WA
Julie Glover, Clinton, WA
Marshall Goldberg, Oak Harbor, WA
Alice Goodman, Langley, WA
Tina Goodrich, Langley, WA
Sally Goodwin, Langley, WA
Mary Goolsby, Clinton, WA
Rita Green, Lynnwood, WA
Bob Grossman, Langley, WA
Karen Grossman, Langley, WA
Werner Gruenert, Greenbank, WA
Elizabeth Guss, Langley, WA
Elshadai Hailu, Freeland, WA
Vicki Halbakken, Langley, WA
Dick Hall, Coupeville, WA
Dorothy Hallberg, Clinton, WA
Stephanie Hammer, Coupeville, WA
Janet Harris, Langley, WA
Marci Hastings, Coupeville, WA
Lynn Hays, Langley, WA
Don Hedstrom, Oak Harbor, WA
Janice Hedstrom, Oak Harbor, WA
Paula Hewett, Freeland, WA
Jeanette Heynneman, Oak Harbor, WA
Sandra Hoffelt Olson, Langley, WA
Chris Holder, Langley, WA
Carla Holderman-Sharpe, Coupeville, WA
Nancy Horan, Langley, WA
Art Huffine, Oak Harbor, WA
Michael Hurwicz, Eastsound, WA
Helen and Jack Hustad, Mukilteo, WA
Richard Ingrasci, Langley, WA
Dianne Iverson, Langley, WA
Jane Jaehning, Oak Harbor, WA
Lee James, Greenbank, WA
Leila Jerene, Langley, WA
Grier Jewell, Olympia, WA
Molly Johnson, Freeland, WA
Nancy Johnson, Edmonds, WA
Beth Johnson, Freeland, WA
Phillip Jones, Clinton, WA
Michele Kahrs, Freeland, WA
Lori Kane, Langley, WA
Cynthia Kaul, Langley, WA
Colleen Keefe, Clinton, WA
Josnne Keefe, Langley, WA
Aubrie Keegan, Clinton, WA
Sandy Kennedy, Coupeville, WA
Paula Kerby, Langley, WA
Shelley Kimball, Olga, WA
Cynthia King, Greenbank, WA
Robert King, Orcas, WA
Sarah King, Greenbank, WA
Fran Koehler, Coupeville, WA
Martha Koester, Seattle, WA
Keeva Kroll, Langley, WA
Bob Kuehn, Langley, WA
Larry Kwarsick, Langley, WA
Carolyn Lancet, Oak Harbor, WA
Diane Lantz, Langley, WA
Barbara Lavaty, Langley, WA
Jaci Leavitt, Blaine, WA
Caitlin Leck, Eastsound, WA
Bill Leeds, Freeland, WA
Mark Leganza, Greenbank, WA
Jess Leon, Clinton, WA
Jeanne Lepisto, Langley, WA
Noel Lerner, Coupeville, WA
Diana Lindsay, Freeland, WA
Linda Lindsay, Langley, WA
Ann Linnea, Freeland, WA
Becky Livingston, Greenbank, WA
Connie & Jerry Lloyd, Greenbank, WA
John Lovie, Clinton, WA
Lynnaea Lumbard, Freeland, WA
Kim Lundstrom, Kent, WA
Sarah MacDougall, Freeland, WA
Jacqueline Mach, Clinton, WA
Patricia Mack, Freeland, WA
John T MacNamee, Coupeville, WA
David Malony, Langley, WA
Cassie Martin, Coupeville, WA
Jane Martin, Langley, WA
Rachel Martinez, Clinton, WA
Steven Matthias, Freeland, WA
Suzy McDowell, Clinton, WA
Susan McKinney, Freeland, WA
Kathryn McLean, Clinton, WA
Carol McNeil, Langley, WA
Nicole McNeil, Langley, WA
Emily Melcher, Freeland, WA
Natalie Menacho, Eastsound, WA
Pamela Merrill, Oak Harbor, WA
Marcia Merryman, Freeland, WA
Donald Miller, Clinton, WA
Susan Miller, Clinton, WA
Fe Mischo, Oak Harbor, WA
Byron Moffett, Langley, WA
Anthony Molinero, Clinton, WA
Clyde Monma, Clinton, WA
Sharon Moon, Renton, WA
Gloria Moore, Langley, WA
Katrina Morse, Freeland, WA
Eric Mulholland, Langley, WA
Marti Murphy, Langley, WA
Maureen Murphy, Langley, WA
Deborah Nedelman, Langley, WA
Rebecca Nerison, Port Townsend, WA
Dawna Nolan, Coupeville, WA
Linda Nordberg, Coupeville, WA
Nancy Nordhoff, Langley, WA
Lenore Norrgard, Freeland, WA
DeAnn Olson, Freeland, WA
Preston Ossman, Freeland, WA
Richard Paine, Freeland, WA
Mark Paschal, Seattle, WA
Cedtrecia Passian, Kent, WA
Michael Payne, Langley, WA
Patricia Perkins, Tacoma, WA
Gary Piazzon, Coupeville, WA
Susan Prescott, Greenbank, WA
Miriam Raabe, Langley, WA
Roxanne Ray, Seattle, WA
Judyth Reichenberg, Langley, WA
Vicki Robin, Langley, WA
Vivian Rogers Decker, Coupeville, WA
Patricia Rohan, Clinton, WA
Karen Rothboeck, Coupeville, WA
Kathy Rothschild, Freeland, WA
Gregory Routt, Freeland, WA
Rhonda Salerno, Langley, WA
Diana Sandoval, Freeland, WA
Cris Sanguino, Greenbank, WA
Bernita Sanstad, Langley, WA
Victoria Santos, Langley, WA
Micky Sarkis, Langley, WA
Karen Savage, Langley, WA
Barbara Schaetti, Clinton, WA
Margaret Schultz, Freeland, WA
Stephan Schwartz, Langley, WA
Laura Jo Severson, Friday Harbor, WA
Dianne Shiner, Freeland, WA
Sandra Shipley, Langley, WA
Christina Shoemaker, Coupeville, WA
Jim Short, Coupeville, WA
Rainy Simpson, Coupeville, WA
Neal Sims, Coupeville, WA
Greg Sivertsen, Coupeville, WA
Katrina Skarsvog, Clinton, WA
Janet Staub, Clinton, WA
Emily Steelquist, Portland, WA
Pam Stein, Oak Harbor, WA
Mary Stewart, Langley, WA
Shannon Stone, Oak Harbor, WA
Fritha Strand, Clinton, WA
Laura Strehlau, Langley, WA
Danette Sulgrove, Langley, WA
Linda Talley, Greenbank, WA
Carolyn Tamler, Freeland, WA
Richard Tamler, Freeland, WA
Sue Taves, Langley, WA
Karen Taylor, Seattle, WA
Lori Taylor, Coupeville, WA
Peggy Taylor, Langley, WA
Sherry Thatcher, Langley, WA
Sally Thompson, Clinton, WA
Judy Thorslund, Langley, WA
Richard Timmins, Freeland, WA
Kim Tinuviel, Freeland, WA
Anna Toledo, Langley, WA
Cynthia, Trowbridge, Greenbank, WA
Clovy Tsuchiya, Freeland, WA
Wayne Ude, Clinton, WA
Robert Ullman, Langley, WA
Donna Vanderheiden, Langley, WA
Danetta Vawter, Clinton, WA
William Viertel, Coupeville, WA
Linda Vorhis, Greenbank, WA
Kristen Wagner-Patterson, Clinton, WA
Elin Waldal, Freeland, WA
Elin Waldal, Freeland, WA
Claudia Walker, Clinton, WA
Andrew Warford, Coupeville, WA
Erin Waterman, Langley, WA
Linda Wehrman, Coupeville, WA
Marcia Wesley, Clinton, WA
Pam Williams, Coupeville, WA
Mary Willis, Langley, WA
Dorit Zingarelli, Clinton, WA
Vito Zingarelli, Clinton, WA
Kelly Zupich, Coupeville, WA


  1. Only privileged whites are concerned with liberal causes like climate change, and ethnic inclusion studies. This isn’t learning, it’s imposijg your ideaologie through the public school system. SW is the least diverse community in the region, and not even the most common of middle class families can afford to live there. It’s a nauseating little liberal Utopia, where privileged whites can safely preach things they will never have to practice themselves or be exposed to in their isolated wealthy community, where not even middle class whites can live. Truly insufferable, those SW types with their 70k telsas, Priuses and Waldorf School. Move a project based apt into Langley and fill it with inner city folk with criminal propensities, I’m sure their tune will change. Good lord, if this isn’t more or a reason to pull your child from the public school system then I don’t know what is. This does not reflect the values of every family, this is just as bad as pushing prayer in school. Shame on what whidbey is becoming.

    • Exactly self-loathing white liberals virtue signaling about an issue that isn’t relative in our community. They are part of the problem.

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