“Stop Re-Programming our Children!” – Community to OH Schools


*The Island County Free Press received a letter presented to the Oak Harbor School Board on 2/8*

To Lance Gibbons and All School Board Members,

We the undersigned, as concerned Americans and frustrated parents and grandparents, worry about what will transpire in the Oak Harbor School District if careful action is not taken. Public education throughout our country, and especially in our local communities, is on an irrevocable and harmful course. The Oak Harbor School District must not get caught in this trap. Our schools are drifting away from their mission to provide a sound grounding in fundamental skills and knowledge and to uphold the values of their local communities.

Children are being indoctrinated and “re-programmed” from critical thinkers to mindless non-thinkers where they are being taught not how to think, but what to think. Voices are being silenced because they do not align with the current narrative descending on us from political partisans and self-appointed authorities. Students are being conditioned to not ask questions, to be curious, or to even search for their own answers.

We need look no further than the high school’s suggested reading list relating to racial injustice. The suggested readings advance an ideology that advocates the dismantling of the nuclear family, gender irrelevancy, racial shaming, and so on. The result of these teachings—apparently the desired result—is that our children are being taught to feel ashamed of themselves for characteristics they have absolutely no control over. It is imperative that we unite instead behind our founding principles and ideals and make sure our children understand the history of their own country and how special it is.

Oak Harbor has a long history of support for both our country and our military, along with a strong commitment and devotion to God and our families. Members of our community need to know that our school district is dedicated to upholding the values and integrity of the community it serves. Although the majority of faculty and staff in the Oak Harbor School District pride themselves on their commitment to protecting our children’s well-being and providing a quality education, and truly want what’s best for all our students, policies adopted by leadership appear to support an agenda-based curriculum we do not want for our children.

One example of poor leadership (or a lack of courageous leadership) is the implementation of harsher- than-needed Covid-19 restrictions in our schools. We have had only four cases of students contracting Covid-19 in our entire school district, two of which weren’t contracted in the school, yet the Covid restrictions our students must adhere to, i.e., wearing masks outside at recess, walking taped off aisle- ways in school hallways (similar to the herding of cattle), and the “cohorting” of classrooms would make one think the district is flooded with the virus. These restrictions don’t foster education, social interaction, or emotional development. Instead, these restrictions are like a comical and distorted reenactment of the movie, “Outbreak.”

Never in our history have we isolated the healthy. Never in our history have we isolated children out of fear. The district appears to have chosen to rely on studies that are more political and bureaucratic than scientific. Fact: children contract Covid at such a minimal rate with a severity metric so low that the CDC hasn’t even assigned a number to it. Fact: children do not infect others at a rate that justifies treating them more restrictively than youngsters incarcerated in juvenile hall. What crime have our children committed to deserve these harsher sentences?

We implore this board to name just one school in the entire nation where there has been a massive Covid-19 outbreak. Just one. The ever-growing, unjustifiable restrictions being imposed on our children have absolutely no scientific basis. Without facts, your restrictions are based on fear, misinformation, or propaganda. We do not support decisions made out of fear, incompetence, bullying, or ignorance. We ask you to respect our rights as Americans who live in a free society based on law and commonsense, not one manipulated by fear or politics. This board has the authority and the parental support to drop the current restrictions and open our schools for the benefit of our children. We ask you to do so. Let our children back into their classrooms and let them get back to learning.

One more thing. The school district would like our community to support their levy, yet we’ve heard of teachers requesting leaves of absence and suggesting no in-person instruction because they are afraid of Covid but, again, neither the numbers nor the facts justify these demands. We are here to support our teachers but only if they are doing their jobs. We want programs that benefit our students but not at the cost of putting our children into a system that does not support our values. We cannot support a school levy that does not support our children and their education.

Attached are links where you can find scientific and medical evidence debunking Covid misinformation. We thank you for your time and we appreciate your consideration of our concerns.

Sincerely, Jessica Thompson, Suzanna Amazquita, & Chelsie Warner


Brandon Thompson                                                  

Rufus Rose

Marcus Warner                                                            

Adam Breedlove

Tony Amazquita                                                           

Rebecca Garth

Tim Hazelo                                                                   

Ana Brugman

Maria Hazelo                                                                

Sarah Connell

Dan Evans                                                                    

Kirk Connell

Carrie Kennedy                                                            

Joe Graham

Sunni Waldron                                                              

Jessica Graham

Ren Waldron                                                                 

Korbin Graham

Martha Berndt                                                                

Belle Graham

Alan Berndt                                                                   

Mike Garcia

Angela Diaz                                                                   

Rosalina Garcia

Deja Teixeira-Barto                                                       

Michelle Walton

Phil Barto                                                                      

Stephanie Lugo

Amber Matthews                                                          

Linda Arnold

Rob Matthews                                                              

Jacob Anderson

Julie Shepley                                                                

Piper Best

Dillon Shepley                                                               

Dwayne Best

Megan Thomason                                                        

Jamie Hulse

Wes Thomason                                                            

Michelle Pulley                                                                 

Justin Anderson

Ryan Chafee                                                                 

Yvette Esparza

Morgan Cooper                                                            

Valerie Alanez

Richard Macquarrie                                                      

Heather Czlapinski

Beth Anna Counsellor                                                  

Teresa Shelley

Vernon Counsellor II                                                     

Hannah Rathbun

Justin Nichols                                                               

Andrew Rathbun

Alanna Nichols

Greg Dalrymple

Patrick Kenn

Kevin McDonald

Dave Mathews

Dave Smith

June Shellene

Kathleen Springer

Ty Welch

Joseph Kleinman

Tracy Abuhl

Peggy Shekem

Dale Hagglund

David Ethell

Jim Breiling

Margaret King

David King

Linda Pickering

Paul Rempa

Bryan Burn

Karin King

Steve Thompson

Char Henderson

Jeri Henderson


  1. Respecting all who have beliefs reflected in the article, but…. what are you really trying to say here? This is more of a rant than a point of view or call to action. There are so many agendas here, it feels difficult to see this as a letter to incite rather than educate. So looking at the arguments here:
    a) child programming – maybe reprogramming only if you are stipulating that they are programming against parental belief or indoctrination.
    b) racism, racial injustice, and exposure to the truth around it.
    c) inferred or implied injustice beyond racism – gender, cultural, and religous.
    d) child health
    e) Covid
    f) not covered by criticized – teacher health and safety
    g) state guidelines for covid
    h) the levy

    With this many topics under-addressed or only covered by exception vs broad policy or practice makes this a difficult read at best. While this deserves a bigger discussion… let’s pull this apart a bit.

    a) programming / reprogramming. From birth we all have our biases. We in theory are higher beings who are able to reason our way past biases through dialogue, action, and evidence. Diversity of evidence is our best weapon against singular programming. Action – meaning individuals taking time to act to broadly educate their children vs. outsourcing it to schools. Communication – talk about what is good education with a broad set of people who both represent and oppose your views. Psychology research suggests our exposure to our environment determines our programming, not a singular piece of material or class, or in this case a reading list.

    b) Racism. it is unfortunately alive and well in the USA and across the world. We have not come to racial equality though many are fighting to get there. The only way to combat racism is reinforce that we are one species, equal is all capabilities with a variety of differentiating talents which makes us unique. While the material might not be to everyone’s liking, it would seem to me to be a good faith effort to expose students to some truths about the topic. It could be better, so maybe there is a need to act as a community to tune it.

    c) other injustice or shaming – seems more belief and definable critique. If legitimate, the application of a diverse and truthful education would still apply.

    d) child health or covid guidelines. The school district is taking the state’s lead on this and is acting in a way to be conservative on any risk posed to children’s health; all of our children. I’m not sure the critique here holds water. The obvious intention is to minimize spread of all Covid variants to at risk people as well as prevent a means for new variants which could impact children in the future. This position on health for all children in school for any conditions, not just covid.

    e) Covid is here to stay. WHO sources and other models suggest until we get to 70% global immunication, Covid will keep mutating, work around the vaccines etc. The USA is not an island, nor is any country, which will be able to prevent Covid infiltration from outside or contain those from the inside.

    f) teacher health is ignored. Even if kids are back in school, we don’t have enough qualified adults around to be teachers as Covid would move through our limited, under protected population of educators.

    g) State policy is what it is… and is in coordination with the states boarding WA, not just a political bias.

    h) The levy. teacher’s taking time off or asking for remote instruction has nothing to do with money or the job. if you’ve every tried to educate – meaning a bi-directional conversation while also giving individual attention – is extremely hard, even harder to plan, execute and entertain over remote connection is harder than in person. Presence does not equal work. I’m in corporate technology, the remote workforce norm now is convenient but is damaging to productivity, education, and creativity. Teachers are not asking for relief as much as they are asking to stay healthy while doing a much harder job.

    Lots to talk about here, but let’s look at reality of the under-funded education system. Our current practices of buildings and facilities does not equate to quality education – they are depreciated CapEx projects which ignore the fundamental OpEx (less attractivs costs in budgeting) needed to develop great curriculums, educate / prepare teachers, and pay our teachers to educate our children at all ages.

  2. “…the under-funded education system.”

    Now that’s a bottom-line TOTAL bunch of BS! (Pretty much like the rest of “R Edward’s rant).

  3. “…but what are you really trying to say here?” Is this question being posed as a precursor to how unaware the author is going to be throughout the entire letter?

    WE won’t stand for this nonsense, regardless of what whimsy you spin it as. The race non-issue, the covid non-issue, and the lack of willingness for administration involved in public education to simply open their eyes towards the health and success of private schools WILL result in logic-minded parents removing their children from public schools- for the actual safety of all of our future’s.

      • How about we fire the leftist board members, administrators and pro-union teachers. That way the schools can get back to it’s original mission statement. As we all pay for these schools they should serve the community not the other way around.

  4. This is the dumbest thing I’ve read today. People are getting sick and dying from covid, and you’re complaining about what the school is doing to protect the children? Healthy children are capable of contracting it and spreading it even though they might not be what you classify as “sick”. I know too many people who have had it that didn’t have any symptoms that end up spreading it to their families for your to sit behind your computer and tell people that their children are being taught to fear. You’re a coward who would rather sit and complain about wearing a mask, something that fast food worker do for hours on end, than follow simple precautions that are made to make the virus go away quicker.

  5. Every signer of this has vetted themselves as science deniers. Our public schools should be teaching facts and facts only. If you do not like our socialist public schools then I suggest you don’t take part in them or any other services they offer. No one is forcing you to send your children here.
    Students have a right to protest, they have a right to not stand for the pledge, they have a right to free speech. These are constitutional rights!!! How dare you deny them of that.
    If you do not support their rights, then you are not patriotic!!
    These books and real history is encouraging the students to think for themselves. For so long our education system has put white, slave-owning presidents on the walls of schools instead of the Black Panthers, who actually did so much good for our country (I suggest you do your own research into them. Every heard of WIC?). You speak of indoctrination, yet you come from a place of “Believing” in God, and religion….I’ll let you sit with that for a moment.
    I trust in Science and I am glad to see that there are more of us than there are of you.

    • Ms. Mischo,

      Thank you for the comment. It’s not clear if the “science” you purport that the letter denies is the same kind of science that can’t determine if we have 2 genders or not. Or if you mean the science that was linked to in the article, that clearly shows the facts stated that children are less impacted by COVID than the flu, yet requires totalitarian types of restrictions on school.

      It’s also not clear why you brought a particular reference to God, which the letter didn’t address. Though the letter is deficient in that regard because any indignation to any social policies, yours included, is misplaced without an external reference frame for indignation. Simply, there’s no reason to be angry about any policy if it’s merely a social convention. Maybe next year, social movements will advocate for murder in the streets. So long as there are more advocates of murder in the streets, than there are against, they’ll be right. According to your philosophy.

      We hope the consistency presented isn’t overly scientific for you.

      • Bruh,

        For the purposes of transparency, it’d be appropriate for you to let readers know that you filed paperwork for businesses named Island County Free Press and Dominion Point Academy on the exact same day this last September. An individual running an “academy” would seem to potentially benefit from a website that pushes how schools are “re-programming” our children. One might come to their own conclusion that you’re almost encouraging parents to find an alternative to public school in the area. Maybe it’s coincidence or just a way for you to get a tax break, but it comes across as a bit sketchy.

        As for science, anyone that has taken a Research Methodology class and learned how to run a t-test in Excel to find a p-value, the definition of significance in scientific research, and being able to discern valid from faux research, would know immediately that the two links you posted aren’t scientific research.

        One is basically an op-ed that links to a study that hasn’t been peer-reviewed. The other, from the jdfor2020 website, used zero research methodology. The conclusion had absolutely nothing based on their own research, because they didn’t perform any quantative/qualitative research. It was an opinion based on some articles they wrangled together. That’s not science. It’s obvious they went into the “study” with intent, as opposed to the curiosity and acceptance that you don’t know what the outcome of the research will be. Hypotheses are right and wrong, and that’s what makes them hypotheses.

        I could take a bunch of time and send some links that would have more validity, but I don’t think it’ll matter if you aren’t able to read it bias-free and accept what that data concludes. Plus, you’re all adults. If you’re going to get in scientific debates, then be a role model and go learn more about scientific methodology.

        Can we all agree that some basic education on research methodology is valuable in the school system, be it public, private, charter, academy, homeschooling, or Hogwarts. Because, truly, most people, no matter their political beliefs, have no idea what valid scientific research is.

        Just because anyone can splash paint on a canvas, doesn’t mean anyone can make a Jackson Pollack. It’s the same with scientific research.

        • Joey,

          I am also a former Navy pilot, who also owns several other businesses, in real estate and other endeavors. It would be nice to start a school, based simply on the desire to educate, but our litigious society doesn’t allow instruction to occur without liability protection, so the need to formalize is required. I’m also a speech and debate coach, so I might just be interested in boosting that organization for the purpose of advancing reason, critical thinking, and oratory. No self-respecting citizen would ever seek to monopolize and monetize education, right? Correlation does not equal causation. Might want to add logic to your curriculum, it’s actually a subject at Dominion Point Academy. Thanks for the plug!

          Scientific methodology is exactly what we’re missing in liberal versions of “science.” “The science says…” and other such nonsense. The methodology is exactly the point in scientific fields, as you say. So let’s allow our hypothesis to be tested before we create entire policies around them.

          The ICFP published the information that was provided by the author, which does not mean it represents the sum total of the scientific communities’ response to the politicization of COVID methodologies or policies. There are many more studies beyond what the author provided that substantiate the same conclusions, namely that children have a near-zero immediate or long-term susceptibility to infection or death due to infection.

          Appreciate your help in pointing that out.

      • “Oak Harbor has a long history of support for both our country and our military, along with a strong commitment and devotion to God and our families. Members of our community need to know that our school district is dedicated to upholding the values and integrity of the community it serves.”

        There you go.
        And, yes, there are more than 2 genders.
        As for your false claims that children are not getting covid as often, THEY CAN STILL SPREAD IT. Are you not concerned about the teachers and staff? I know I am.
        There have been 26 deaths in our County in less than one year!! Do you not think this is bigger than the flu, do you not know how viruses work? They spread, they mutate, they evolve!
        Instead of being mad at public education for teaching facts and keeping our children safe, I suggest you update yourself with new information that is available to you.

    • Are we talking about the one and the same WHITE slave-owning presidents who carefully navigated a dangerous and difficult era to abolish slavery?
      I HAVE to ask because we aren’t talking of the same black panthers, OR the same WIC, because…
      The federal government created WIC in 1972 as an amendment to the Child Nutrition Act of 1966. The legislation was sponsored by Sen. Hubert Humphrey and it was initially funded as a two-year pilot program. In 1975, legislation established WIC as a permanent national health and nutrition program.
      Nice try.

      • I’m aware of when the government saw a great program and took it. Just like the Free Breakfast for Children, the Black Panthers also started.
        I encourage you to do more research into the Black Panthers and Malcolm X. Our students shouldn’t keep being taught white-washed history. This is what free thinking is, this is what we encourage our students to do, to find the truth. This new information may not fit the narrative we were taught, and that is a good thing. Facts matter.

    • Science and logic say that there only two genders? Does that make sense? Anything beyond that would be a delusion. Black Panthers is a racist terrorist group that has morphed into BLM.

      Malcolm X was an anti-white racist who illegally traveled to Cuba to meet and promote Fidel Castro’s communist agenda.

      Yes, our kids are being brainwashed by a Marxist agenda promoted by teachers’ unions.


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