Keep Activism Out of our School-Community to School Board


*The Island County Free Press recently received a copy of the letter presented to the South Whidbey School Board regarding partisan activism on campus and in classes*

Dear Joe Moccia and all School Board members,

As a Mom of two little boys, a past student at South Whidbey School District, and as the Island County Republican State Committeewoman I feel an obligation to write on behalf of myself and many community members who are concerned about certain issues at South Whidbey School District.

I, among many others were recently sent a video of Mr. Eager pushing his personal political ideation to his classroom.

Mr. Eager V1
Mr. Eager V2

In this video Mr. Eager acknowledged he was “advised to be neutral” but stated that he would not comply. He went on to spread misinformation such as the fact that Trump did not condemn any of the actions at the Capitol and told people to “be wild.” Trump never said, “be wild.” I fact checked and this is a false statement by even the most left leaning news sources. Mr. Eager neglected to offer counter facts of Trump’s statement, “I know people will be marching over to the Capitol peacefully and patriotically to make your voices heard” or the fact that he instructed everyone to be “peaceful and go home.” He neglected to share with the class that Trump did indeed condemn the riots by publicly stating, “I want to be very clear, I unequivocally condemn the violence that we saw last week. Violence and vandalism have absolutely no place in our country, and no place in our movement.” (video posted to the White house official Twitter account).

I believe that when appropriate, political discussions can be educational in the classroom as they allow students to develop their critical thinking skills and express themselves in a mature manner. Those debates, however, should only voice the sociopolitical opinions of the students, not teachers.  It is not a public-school teacher’s job to indoctrinate students with their own personal beliefs. How would the reaction in the community be if a teacher were to tell the students that Biden was “a liar” or a bad President and push anti-liberal views? The outrage would be overwhelming! We must remember we are an island that is politically split almost down the middle. We have a huge conservative population of families on the South end and they may be quiet with their voice, but I know firsthand they are loud with their actions. Many families are pulling their children out of the public school or simply choosing not to enroll them again.

I am deeply involved in the local community and I hear from concerned young families often. I am sure the choice to support the BLM organization came from a place of compassion and desire to bring awareness and inequality, but the concern is that the district is not researched on the organization itself and the distressing foundation it is built on. It is important to be informed and understand how many people who have deeply researched BLM in the community understand the organization. Many are alarmed that the district proudly supports a Marxist, anti-family, violent organization, “BLM.”

First, let me be clear, racism should have no place in our community and Black lives absolutely do matter. We should strive as a society to root out racism and promote love and inclusivity. However, flying a banner of an organization in which one of the founders and current board members, Susan Rosenberg, a convicted terrorist and found guilty of bombing US Government buildings and committing armed robberies is not the way to combat racism.  It is, however, an exceptionally good way to drive families out of the district and divide our small community further. Furthermore, BLM is an organization, not a movement. They are trademarked and funded by multiple organizations to push their agenda, which is Communism/Marxism under the guise of civil rights. BLM charities such as ACTblue and Tatango are radical left and support only democratic policies and politicians. I implore you to research this organization and read through their “belief proclamations” below. 

Here is a video of a BLM protest where members are burning the American flag.

Here is a video of a popular BLM activist calling for violence

Here is a video of a well-known BLM activist calling for violence on national tv, “if this country doesn’t give us what we want, burn it down.” 

Here is a video of the BLM co-founder, Patrice Cullors admitting “we are well-trained Marxists” 

Here is a well-written article to help you understand more clearly why many of us are deeply concerned that SWSD is supporting and advertising for this organization. 

Some of the information in the BLM “beliefs” statement reads, (link above) “We disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure…” and “When we gather, we do so with the intention of freeing ourselves from the tight grip of heteronormative thinking…”

Is this the message you want to send to our community? Is proudly supporting this organization the best way for both sides to come together to come up with solutions for inequality?

Whether it be the video of Mr. Eager, or the BLM banner proudly displayed at the high school, or the new sex ed bill that passed at the state level, parents are feeling like they need to protect their children from our own schools. It has become clear which political side the district leans. This causes political and religious discrimination in our community and among vulnerable students. Under no circumstance should our public school system push political or religious views on students. All our children should be able to attend public school without fear of pushed personal political beliefs and ideologies. We can all agree that remaining impartial provides a safer environment for all students. The same should hold true for those teachers who hold conservative values. This type of conduct is unacceptable and should not occur in the classroom. Parents put their trust in those who teach their children. Teachers are not there to serve as a political arm for their respective political party. They should not impose their positions and opinions on young and impressionable children who would not feel comfortable using their voice or disagree. Public school should be a safe place for people of all color, political standing, and religious beliefs without discrimination or indoctrination. I am told that some parents have already removed their kids from the district because of Mr. Eager and these other politically driven decisions. I am curious how much this is costing the district? How much money has the district lost due to this and how many programs are current students losing due to lack of funding? And is the loss worth it? What exactly is the goal in all this and is it producing positive results for the district?

We live in a small community and no matter what side we each stand on; we can unite under the fact that we care about our community and the health and safety of our children. Political division and silencing free speech does not support the wellbeing of our children.  It is disheartening that our own school district is allowing it to happen. I am urging the school board to take a hard unbiased look at these issues and come up with a solution for the health, life, liberty, and freedom for all our children.

Thank you very much for your time and consideration,

Stina Wenzek, Clinton WA

-Concerned Mom

-Island County State Committeewoman

Here is a list of signatures I collected in just one day. This letter will be presented to a wider range of the community this weekend to add their signatures so that the district understands this is a major concern to many South Whidbey residents:

Jeremy and Jackie Birchfield, Langley WA

Jack and Kristen Petosa, Freeland WA

Darrell and Lois Wenzek, Freeland, WA

Kelsey Tennison, Freeland WA

Jim Breiling, Langley WA

Mary Parrick, Clinton WA

Melody Wilkie, Clinton WA

Dale Hagglund. Clinton WA

Tara Hammons, Langley WA

Todd and Julie Parrick, Langley WA

Steve Magney, Clinton WA

Chris Bondelid, Freeland WA

David and Caroline Ethell, South Whidbey

Robin Skaggs, Clinton WA

Erik and Jonina Rhode, Clinton WA

Aryeh Rhode, Clinton WA

Blaine Leroy, South Whidbey

Clay O’Brien South Whidbey

Anthony Turnbull, South Whidbey

Tyler Dow, South Whidbey

Romney Rhode, South Whidbey

Kevin McDonald, South Whidbey

Bethany Flister, South Whidbey

Debbie Wilkie, Clinton WA

Matt Hamblen, Langley WA

Amber Terrell, South Whidbey

Justin and Allana Nichols, Langley WA

Teresa Shelley, Greenbank WA

Char Henderson, Freeland WA

Morgan Cooper, ICRP Vice Chair, Langley WA

Tim Hazelo, ICRP Chairman- Oak Harbor WA


  1. Just ran across this today. How and why on earth does the teachers’ union in WA State (the WEA) continue to push adoration of the “Black Lives Matter” agenda?

    “Antifa members threaten to ‘burn’ down DC during Black Lives Matter march”

    Short excerpt: “Chants of “Black lives, they matter here” and “If we don’t get it, burn it down” rang out from the crowd.”

    THIS is what our children are being taught in the public schools? To act as domestic terrorists?

  2. YES.
    It’s ALWAYS been about the Children.
    WHY homeschooling IS Crucial.
    WHOSE ‘children’ ARE THEY?
    Think, Please.
    Research IS necessary to protect them, NO joke. Wish it could be.

  3. South Whidbey parents support Black Lives and teacher Mark Eager and comprehensive sex-education. Teachers were told by administrators to remain “neutral” when returning to class after the capitol insurrection. What is “neutral” when the president of the United States incites an insurrection? Are we really supposed to make space for lies and an alternate reality to protect people’s feelings? Trump’s lies are not conservative beliefs – they are just lies. Every teacher should be disgusted and enraged by an attack on our capitol – this should not go against conservative values. And pretty sure that consensual sex is important for everyone – not just liberal progressives. The last thing that we need is our South Whidbey community getting shamed back into white supremacist, date-rape culture. Gen Z demands that we adults do better. We should not be stuck in 1980s ideology – it was bad. Black Lives Matter and Me Too must stay strong.

  4. There is a reason that Zoom cannot be recorded and shared publicly. It is going to take teachers a long time to get back to zooming if they expect that parents are recording them and preparing to publicly shame them for stating facts.

    • If teachers are unwilling to teach via zoom or in-person they need to be fired, full stop. No room for politics or bias personal opinions. I saw nothing wrong with sharing the taxpayer-funded zoom meeting. No kids were in the video. Just a reckless teacher spouting off his opinion to a captive audience. That’s called indoctrination. Hopefully, he will keep his opinions to himself in the future.

      I fully support holding these teachers accountable. If that means recording them and showing them to public, I’m all in. If they stray off the path they need to be called out early and often. Shame on him and shame on the school.

      FYI as public schools are a government agency. Any body for any reason can get a FOIA request for any video or document. As the school records the classes for their archive. We have a right to that information. Does that make sense?

  5. This ‘letter’ is riddled with misinformation and lies. Speaking of an agenda, this letter is all about an agenda and it has nothing to do with students. Sad attempt to make white supremacy a hallmark of the island.

  6. Please, enough with the ‘white supremist’ provocations, it’s getting really old. Trying to reason and discuss issues with people who resort to unfounded stereotyping and name calling is like trying to reason with an alcoholic. This is deflection, a means by which to virtue signal and defame someone all at the same time. But hey! It’s a really great psychological weapon ya’ll have come up with to shut down the conversation and silence people. Sadly, it works to a certain degree because an overwhelming majority of people here who oppose an agenda- are not white supremists. Most people don’t support this and remain silent for fear of being accused of such! That- therein, is what makes this weapon so nasty. When you resort to using this tactic, you strike the core of decent people’s moral values. You are exploiting the idea that the label has validity. It has become a way to DEFAME, LIBEL, SLANDER and SLAY good people, with vindictive spite, I will add. Regardless of which legal term is in play, this is Bullying- on an adult level. Imagine what our kids are dealing with these days! So sad, not even their PUBLIC school will shelter them from intense political fallout but rather subjects them to extreme political activism. Those of you who are lashing out at your fellow community members, those of you who are in support of SWSD’s BLM alliance, and their stance on politicization in the classroom, need to remember that YOU are the ones who have radically departed from everything America stands for – which is equality, liberty and freedom as guaranteed by our Constitution. There has to be another way because most people aren’t buying the entire BLM package especially the parts that seek to decimate equality for ALL races, undermine family values, and defy law and order.

  7. This extreme right wing political activist loves hearing your hallelujahs in her choir echo chamber. I am sure her goal was all about Stina and moving up the Party ranks and has nothing to do with the students at SWSD. What, no comment on the irony or inaccuracies in her letter Joe? (psst, I don’t think her kids are even in the SWSD) No calling out her strawman argument to expand her criticism of the teacher with her ridiculous claims about BLM? At least the South Whidbey Record did their job and noted the falsehoods. They even criticized Mr. Eager’s comments which I appreciated. He was riled up, as we all were, by the seditious behavior of the whole group of speakers at that rally including the POTUS and the insurrection that followed, and he made a few statements he would like to retract. I’m sure the school board will censure him. Now carry on with your little Q-proofs or whatever you do to amuse yourselves.

    • Dear Anonymous,

      We have removed the vulgar URL you provided. We have also published your comment with the hope that you will include your name.

      It will not be accepted practice at the ICFP to allow slanderous or inflammatory comments of authors, commenters, or other citizens. We expect people, including Mr. Eager and others, to behave without due accountability for their words.

    • Anonymous,
      Here an excerpt in my reply back to the board on my one “inaccuracy.”

      “Thank you for the correction on Susan Rosenberg. You are correct. However, she is a communist and former terrorist who tried to overthrow the Government and was an accomplice in a prison escape. In a nutshell, she now advocates for BLM by raising money and doing administration work for them. Whether you agree with the opposing view or not, can you see how this might make certain families feel? Why is it that only that one side is allowed to be heard or seen? As I stated in my earlier letter, we are not asking for SWSD to impose conservative ideals; we ask for SWSD to respect conservative families and stay neutral on highly charged issues and political views. “

      As far as “moving up in the ranks” that’s laughable. Believe me, I have never wanted to be in politics and the only reason I considered it was because I was asked to and I felt someone had to stand up and help make a change.

      Blessings to you. I hope you find more happiness and less hatred in your life.

  8. South Whidbey Record’s article regarding the concerned parents, was indicative of lazy journalism.
    This Move by the school to embrace the BLM critical race theory was an ill-thought-out calamity.

    It runs roughshod over students, parents, and community members who are conservative or don’t agree to a the cultural Marxist atmosphere that is prevalent in SWSD.

    The banner that was placed on the fence of a taxpayer-funded school, is an insult and an embarrassment to many.

    Parents don’t want a racist banner hanging on school property. They don’t want planned parenthood soft porn sexual education.

    I’ve seen the posters inside the school, disgusting. Gen Z is turning out to be more conservative than the millennials. Yes, science says there are only two genders. Anything beyond that is mental illness.

    What they have now is a bully culture made up of board members, administrators, teachers, and radical far-left activist parents and community members.

    Jo Moccia needs to go, she has ruined an already declining school district. The enrollment is way down from previous years. When I first came to the district there were 5 schools now they only have 2. They had to combine the HS/MS in one building due to poor financial management and a very low student count.

    Hopefully Mr. Eager learned a valuable lesson. There is no place in school for politics or indoctrination to a one-sided view. I would of come unglued if my student was in his class.

    Schools should be teaching fundamental skills to be productive members of society. Instead, public schools are churning out fragile, woke, entitled SJWs with a victim mentality.

    I’ve lived here for over 20 years my kids are in public schools. There is no rape culture, racism isn’t an issue, not even close. There isn’t an enclave of white supremacists roving around South Whidbey.

    What we have instead is a systematic ideological bully culture, that needs to be removed like yesterday. For our children’s sake I hope sanity, morals, kindness and compassion will prevail and lift the dark cloud hanging over the schools.

    Susan Rosenberg was a Major Donor for BLM.

    As of June 2020, the vice chair of Thousand Currents board of directors was Susan Rosenberg, a former member of the Weather Underground a Communist Organization who spent 16 years of a 54 year sentence in federal prison for taking part in several bombings before having the remainder of her sentence commuted by President Bill Clinton in 2001.

    This organization has given millions of dollars to Black Lives Matter,
    Grassroots International (open borders),
    Urgent Action Fund for Woman’s Human Rights (transgender rights).

    Recently a parent in the South Whidbey School District wrote a letter to the board of directors. She was talking about parents’ concerns over bullying and the far-left radical agenda of the school district. The letter was signed by numerous parents and community members.

    One of the board members Brook Williford stated,
    “Black Lives Matter” has been determined by the Federal Office of Special Counsel to be non-partisan and non-political, and one that is in keeping with the mission and vision statements of the school district.

    Willeford even fact-checked some of Wenzek’s statements, pointing out that Rosenberg is not a board member of BLM.
    That’s what I call lazy fact-checking. The term used was Susan Rosenburg has connections with BLM.

    Financials and links to archives

    Archive of Thousand Currents board of directors


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