Republicans Gain Ground in Local Races, Muzzall Takes Lead


Local Election Update (Island County, State Legislative District 10, Congressional District 2)

Since the ICFP’s election update on the morning of 11/5, Island County is reporting an increase in the total number of ballots cast at 52,784, representing an additional 1,584 ballots received. As the week winds down, the number of ballots received will likely diminish. Island County is also reporting that of the latest batch of ballots received, approximately 750, remain to be counted. This does not consider any additional ballots that have yet to be received.

The latest results indicate a typical trend among voters nationally. Those ballots cast in the final hours of November 3rd represent conservative votes. In both Island County and State Legislative District 10, races have tightened where Democrats previously held narrow, yet more substantial leads.

Island County Commissioner District 1 (South Whidbey):

In the contest between Melanie Bacon (D) and Damian Greene (R) previous results showed Mr. Greene trailing Ms. Bacon by 1107 votes. As of this morning, Ms. Bacon’s lead has diminished to 781 votes.

Bacon (D): 25,279 votes (50.71%)
Greene (R): 24,498 votes (49.15%)

Island County Commissioner District 2 (North Whidbey):

ICFP reports that current Island County Commissioner (District 2), Jill Johnson, will maintain her seat for the upcoming term after defeating political new-comer, Dan Evans (R), in a race where Democrats failed to advance a candidate through the primary into the General Election.

Johnson (R): 27,001 votes (60.2%)
Evans (R): 17,097 votes (38.12%)

Island County Superior Court Judge (Position 1):

In the non-partisan race for Island County Superior Court Judge (Position 1), long time Whidbey Island resident and attorney, Carolyn Cliff, will defeat Kathleen Petrich by a significant margin. Ms. Cliff has served as a Judge Pro Tem for the Island County Superior Court for the past 20 years.

Carolyn Cliff (non-partisan): 25,491 votes (59.05%)
Kathleen Petrich (non-partisan): 17,422 votes (40.35%)

State Representative – Legislative District 10 (LD10) Position 1:

The race for State Representative (Position 1) between Camano Island resident and Lawyer, Greg Gilday (R), and former Island County Commissioner, Angie Homola (D), has narrowed. Ms. Homola’s previous lead of 878 votes (1.14%) diminished by more than 50% to a margin of 400 votes (0.5%).

Angie Homola (D): 40,052 votes (50.15%)
Greg Gilday (R): 39,652 votes (49.65%)

State Representative – Legislative District 10 (LD10) Position 2:

State Representative Dave Paul’s (D) lead over Republican challenger Bill Bruch narrowed by 559 votes to 1836 (2.28%) from 2395 (3.16%). With Skagit County reporting nearly 38,000 votes remaining to be counted (only a percentage represent LD10 voters), Mr. Paul’s small, but comfortable lead, remains to-close-to call.

Dave Paul (D): 41,176 votes (51.1%)
Bill Bruch (R): 39,340 votes (48.82%)

State Senate – Legislative District 10 (LD10):

In the hotly contested race between 1-year incumbent and appointee, Ron Muzzall (R), and departing Island County Commissioner (District 1), Helen Price-Johnson, yesterday’s narrow margin, in favor of Ms. Price-Johnson, has flipped. In the past 24 hours, having picked-up an additional 1678 votes, to Ms. Price-Johnson’s 1092, local farmer and owner of 3 Sister’s Farms, Mr. Muzzall, now holds a very slim lead in the battle to maintain the State Senate seat. Muzzall was appointed to his LD10 State Senate position following the retirement of prior incumbent, Barbara Bailey (R), in 2019.

Ron Muzzall (R): 40,821 (50.14%)
Helen Price Johnson (D): 40,514 (49.77%)

U.S. Congressional District 2 (CD2):

Rick Larsen (D), a career politician, will win his 10th term in the U.S. House of Representatives for U.S. Congressional District 2. Larsen’s district encompasses Island and San Juan Counties as well as portions of Snohomish, Skagit and Whatcom Counties.

Rick Larsen (D): 237,899 votes (64.1%)
Timothy Hazelo (R): 132,417 votes (35.68%)

The Island County Free Press will provide additional updates as they become available.


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