Prosecutor Threatens to Cleanse County of Diseased Conservatives


Island County Prosecutor, Greg Banks, has once again attacked his constituents. He is threatening to “cleanse society” of the “diseased thinking” of Trump supporters.

Greg Banks is well known for his anti-conservative views. He spends a remarkable amount of time posting unhinged rants on his public Facebook page. It’s become so bad that residents have repeatedly questioned whether they will receive fair treatment by his office or in court.

Though he previously apologized for his posts, promising not to attack President Donald Trump voters again, Banks posted his most vile post yet.

Greg Banks threatens to “Cleanse conservatives of their way of thinking”

The day after the first presidential debate between President Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden, Banks turned to social media to vent.

How does he plan on achieving his goal of cleansing? Will he send wrong thinkers to reeducation camps? Will he use his office to bully and punish the people who don’t share his worldview? It’s unclear what means the Island County Prosecutor intends to employ to advance this social cleansing.

Ironically, similar calls for social cleansing have long precedence historically. The most infamous being political parties that wielded uncanny power to eradicate opposing views. As the history channel explains,

“The most prominent example of extremist nationalism-fueled ethnic cleansing was Adolf Hitler’s Nazi regime in Germany and its campaign against Jews in German-controlled territory from 1933 to 1945. This movement began with cleansing by deportation and ended in the horrific “final solution”—the destruction of some 6 million Jews (along with some 250,000 Gypsies and roughly the same number of homosexuals) in concentration camps and mass killing centers.”

History Channel – Ethnic-Cleansing

The story of Bank’s comments broke recently by Jason Rantz, a local conservative talk show host. After being overwhelmed with complaints from constituents, Greg Banks closed down his FB page. Immediately before deleting his entire personal profile, Banks posted this sole comment on his page:

In the past, the Island County Prosecutor has called or intimated through his Facebook account that his conservative constituents are members of the KKK, the party of white supremacists, blatant fools, and to “shut the f*ck up.” His ire for the President is no less vehement, posting that Trump is “a racist piece of s***,” an “A-hole,” and an immature toddler.

Concerns from conservatives that equal treatment under the law from the county prosecutor’s office appear substantive.

The ICFP understands that all citizens have the right to free speech. It is a fundamental principle on which the Free Press exists. Yet, the right of free speech should not convey threats to citizens with whom you disagree. Nor should free speech be exercised in such a way by officer holders whose positional power brings into question the fair and proper exercising of their office. The redress of grievances by citizens is limited to elections or recall. An officeholder may also voluntarily step down from office if they believe they are no longer able to represent their constituents faithfully.

The Free Press has received numerous concerns and complaints about our prosecutor. Citizens are concerned he is unstable and that his objective acumen is unbecoming of a current prosecutor or future judge. The prosecutor’s office has a high turnover rate with members of his staff reporting that his office maintains a hostile work environment.

Current county commissioners have also expressed their concerns about Greg Banks, Commissioner Jill Johnson of District 2, called him “a snake”.

As reported by Whidbey Buzz, Island County has become embroiled in corruption and ongoing sexual harassment claims. Prosecutor Greg Banks had to recuse himself from this investigation. Rachel Curtis of Seattle’s Summit Law Group will be taking over the investigation. As stated by the Buzz, “the allegations of harassment are nothing new and that similar allegations of wrongdoing by Island County officials have surfaced in the past but no action was ever taken.”

Greg Banks could not be reached for comment.


  1. For someone that chose a career in the judicial branch of our government, Mr. Banks sure spends a good amount of time with his activism focused on the executive branch.

    Don’t like the way things are handled regarding the executive branch, Mr. Banks?

    Perhaps you could be more involved in your pseudo-activism with a legislative career instead of a judicial one?

    Or are you too content with your power to “cherry-pick” whom to punish and what to enforce?

    How do you have the staying power that you have when supposedly the commissioners can’t stand you?

    How come nobody else has offered to step into your elected position and run against you in YEARS?


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