Of Racist Textiles and Pesky Polls


“Polling aggregators now put Clinton’s lead between five and seven points. In the modern polling era, no candidate has ever overcome that kind of deficit in an election’s closing weeks.”  Steve Benen, MSNBC, 10/16/2016

It has become a common theme. Consciously ignored, or even worse, often lauded as acceptable and honorable behavior by most media platforms and news outlets; Acknowledge your support of our incumbent President at the peril of your family, your career, your personal property, and the civil liberties afforded you by our nation’s constitution.

Does the name Nicholas Sandmann ring a bell? A teenage boy summarily charged, convicted, and executed by the mainstream media before considering a single fact. His crime? Wearing a hat and keeping his mouth shut.  

Bella Moscato, an 11-year-old middle schooler from Long Island, NY, was shamed publicly by her teacher. She was not allowed to select President Trump as her “hero” for an assignment because he “spreads negativity…”. Sadly, she is not the only young person to be admonished for not standing in the “left” line at school.

Terry Pierce of Bowling Green, Kentucky, and his family, were threatened at gunpoint for wearing The Red Hat while shopping. James Phillips, the alleged assailant, pointed a .40 caliber Glock at Price and told him, “today is a good day for you to die.”  

ANTIFA has threatened to burn down Trump supporters’ homes in New Hampshire by sending threatening letters about their inclusion in a target database. ANTIFA threatened to destroy their homes if President Trump does not concede the upcoming election. In contradiction to itself, the threatening letter closes by stating that these consequences result from the homeowners’ own “preemptive actions against democracy.” ANTIFA has made many other similar threats, around the country, against conservatives, their lives, and their property.  

MSNBC host Keith Olbermann publicly expressed, in one of his unhinged rants, that all of Trump’s supporters must be “prosecuted and convicted and removed from our society.” While Olbermann is recognizably a few bricks short of a load, he has managed to garner over 1 million followers on Twitter. 

Violence propagator and dangerous zealot, Reza Aslan, an HBO producer, and CNN contributor proclaimed on Twitter that “All” Trump supporters “must be eradicated from society.” Aslan has approximately 300,000 followers on Twitter. As recently as October 22nd, Twitter had not removed this post, as they would for many innocuous posts that dare speak out against the leftist agenda.  

These stories are just a few of the many involving past and future threats made towards conservatives who dare to show support for our country’s President.  

Freedom of speech and expression. Tolerance for individuality and diversity. Among other things, these pillars in our society have long served to make America the most desirable democracy in history. Well, that was before they were hijacked by leftists who have redefined them to meet their progressive regressive objectives. Therefore, it is paradoxical and ironic to recognize the growing danger to life and liberty that manifests when “coming-out” as a conservative. So much for social progress.  

It is easy to develop malaise concerning the scenarios highlighted above. As part of the national political theatre, these types of threats seem intangible and irrelevant to our local communities. Tragically, that is not the case.  

In June of 2020, Bayview Farm and Garden, a prominent business in Langley, posted on their website that MAGA hats represent an expression of racism and violence and, therefore, will be banned from their property. As a private business owner, Bayview Farm and Garden is within their rights to allow or disallow entrance to anyone they choose (although it is worth noting that liberal hypocrisy does not afford such rights to conservatives, only to themselves). This begs the question; Will B-List actor, Jussie Smollet, be shopping at Bayview Farm and Garden any time soon? While enforcing their policy, I hope the social-justice warriors at Bayview Farm and Garden will agree that Smollet may be the only verifiable practitioner of violence and racism associated with a MAGA hat. But I digress.

In recent months, Melanie Bacon, current Human Resources Director for Island County and candidate for Island County Commissioner (District 1), released a campaign interview where she stated that community members must be willing to live within her very “particular expectation” of making everyone feel “loved”. And if our community members don’t adhere to her amorous policies, they will find it “…very uncomfortable” to live here. As a potential elected official to an administrative position, what possibly can she mean?

Melanie Bacon, Island County Commissioner Candidate District 1

Our top legal official in Island County is Prosecutor Greg Banks. It seems compulsory that an elected prosecutor, such as Banks, is capable and committed to an unbiased performance of duties. Would you want a friend or a member of your family given unfair and politically motivated treatment at the hands of a political operative? Be forewarned! Greg Banks recently stated on a public platform that he desires to “cleanse society of [the] diseased thinking” held by a cohort of Trump supporters representing 38% of his constituents.  

What does that mean in terms of our population in Island County? According to voter demographic data sourced through GOPDataCenter, likely voters in Island County comprise the following:  

Democrat – 26.6%

Republican – 22.3%

Swing Voters – 51.1%.  

Extrapolating this data, for District Attorney Banks to cleanse Island County from the diseased thinkers, he will need to purge our community of approximately 32,000 people. That includes 100% of conservatives and 1/3 of moderates who tend to vote for either party. When he initiates his cleanse, whose methodology and style will he employ? Mao? Hitler? Stalin? Pol Pot? Although it is worth noting that all of these “visionaries” ultimately failed, at great expense to humanity. Maybe DA Banks has a modern plan for democidal success.  

As a final data point, and as a Whidbey Island resident, I decided to perform a social experiment to determine how vitriolic the left behaves towards conservatives like me (I am relatively unmenacing) when threatened by textiles, specifically, hats and shirts. Lacking the appropriate uniform, I hopped online, made the necessary purchases, and mapped-out my plan. Upon receipt, I donned my new MAGA hat, slipped into a high-quality Trump/Pence, long-sleeve t-shirt, and hit the town.  

My journeys brought me from the deep south (Clinton) to Whidbey’s Left Bank (Langley), chock full of retirees whose bucket list includes Bohemian lifestyles and “art” galleries. From there, I crossed into the south island center of commerce (Freeland), headed north through Middle-Earth (Greenbank), did some people-watching in the Capitol District (Coupeville), mostly looking for autographs from local politicians, and then headed north to Whidbey’s version of Americana in Oak Harbor. (I also performed some limited data collection at the Paine Field commercial air terminal, followed by a few hours in southern California.)

During my adventure, I was sure to make everyone I encountered feel as “loved” as possible, as per Melanie Bacon’s future requirement for the Comrades of Whidbey. I let others go first. I held doors. I said please, and thank-you and even exchanged pleasantries. And although I was tempted, I avoided the odd juxtaposition of hugging anyone from behind and smelling their hair. 

I received a handful of “chilly” looks during my excursion, most of which occurred south of Middle Earth. One business owner, whom I have patronized frequently over the years, performed a “double-take” at my hat and then became overly agitated. I then recognized that I had entered his business, having forgotten my mask in the car. I immediately retreated and only returned after fetching my mask. And no, it was not a MAGA mask. My return resulted in a less-than-welcoming reception.  

I repeated my experiment over a handful of days. Whereby, only once was I confronted by someone who was distracted by my attire.  

I was asked, “Do you actually support that man?”.  

I replied, “Yes, but more importantly, I am supporting a platform.”

The retort, “The platform is racism.”  

I politely responded, “I am sorry you feel that way, although I appreciate you sharing your perspective. 

If you don’t mind, can you give me a specific example of the racism to which you refer?”


“He foments hate and bigotry.”

Again, I replied similarly. “That is a lot of bad stuff, and I am sorry you feel that way, but again, can you give me just a single example of racism, hatred and the bigotry that the President has instigated or promoted during his term?”

Silence…. Followed by increasing tension… 

Imagine a Hannah Barbera cartoon character with an expanding head and steam coming out of the ears. The exchange concluded with my new friend storming away under a cloud of profanity and insults directed at me.  

Next time, I will simplify my questions. How cheeky of me to ask someone to support their statements with facts. That is so… conservative. Maybe in the future, I will stick to talking about our feelings.

While my experiment did not result in a major and newsworthy conflagration, one fascinating and astonishing pattern emerged; Dozens of people, whether it was in a whisper of acknowledgment, a wink of the eye, or a thumbs-up, expressed their support and alignment with me (or at least my hat/shirt) and President Trump. Several went out of their way to show their solidarity to me. Albeit very discretely. 

Ultimately, the number of supporters far surpassed the detractors that I had encountered.  

Had I identified a corollary to my original thesis? 

Does a silent majority exist? A sizable percentage of the electorate, not willing to participate or be contemplated in major polling analysis. Pollsters must know this, right? But then again, that doesn’t fit the narrative dictated by leftist propagandists and media moguls who control the information released into our social ecosystem.  

On October 19th, 2020, a Granite State Poll, conducted and completed by the University of New Hampshire, reported that between 65% – 68% of Trump Supporters would not show or discuss their support for the President due to fear of repercussions. These respondents suggested that they are unwilling to express their support for the President with coworkers, friends, and even family.  

On November 8th, 2016, prominent pollsters, the national news media, the Democrat National Committee, and Hillary Clinton (maybe even Donald Trump) were delivered an unpredicted and unprecedented result to the election. Donald Trump’s unlikely victory over the established favorite, Hillary Clinton, may have been a pleasant surprise to many in the middle and right of center. But it was a shock, creating a total meltdown in disbelief among Democrats and leftists. 

Four years of whining, infantile, and sophomoric behavior ensued. But nobody grew-up and nothing was learned.

But maybe, just maybe, one thing has changed…

Leftists in the Democrat party, along with their partners in the mainstream media and domestic terrorist organizations such as BLM and ANTIFA, Hollywood elites, Silicon Valley corporations, educators throughout all levels of our education system, and a cabal of social-justice warriors all appear to be aligning their goals and behaviors to suppress and ultimately eliminate conservatism from our society. Over-reaching? Maybe.

It only takes a quick look at history and a few chapters from something Orwellian to recognize the genuine prospects of a “social revolution.” After all, “Donkeys live a long time. None of you has seen a dead donkey” (Orwell, Animal Farm).

While their voices are louder and their presence more palpable, are the engineers of a new social agenda in America becoming a majority? Or is the foundation of America and our constitution too firm. Are moderates and centrists being driven back to traditional values? Were the seeds of a new (old) “wokeness” planted by the “deplorables” Hillary Clinton chastised during her 2016 campaign? Are average Americans disenfranchised or even frightened with the leftist tolerance for lawlessness, civil unrest, and lack of respect for their fellow Americans?

I don’t wish to fall victim to failed predictions, as most pollsters and media outlets did on election night 2016. Although, the big difference between 2016 and 2020 may be the proliferation of a new “silent majority” which has grown in opposition to ideologies and actions which are antithetical to the foundations of America and the American dream.  

RealClearPolitics Poll – Trump Vs. Biden, October 30, 2020: Former VP Joe Biden leads Trump by 9 points.

Will they be surprised again on November 3rd?


  1. Love this! Great way to explain the areas of Whidbey Island. I was laughing out loud! I look forward to reading more articles by this talented writer.

  2. Excellent article. ! I’m only wishing I could drum up courage to escape being part of the silent majority….just to keep the peace. Bad things happen when good people are silent !

  3. A very interesting read and your undercover investigation was brilliant.
    Proof of that drinking the kool aid does indeed affect human behavior.
    … Middle Earth…so funny.


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