Oak Harbor Protest Draws Support and Disdain


The Island County Republican Party (ICRP) hosted a protest in support of President Trump this afternoon in downtown Oak Harbor. The event drew patriotic attired flag wavers lining the street at the corner of SR20 and Pioneer Way. As protestors demonstrated, passers-by vehemently expressed their support or disdain.

The event is an effort by the newly elected county party leadership to encourage engagement with the local community. “The important part about the rally today was to stand for the basic rights our Constitution affords us. Whether you support the President or hate him so much, you hate the people that support him; it doesn’t matter. We stand for our freedom to express it either way, peacefully,” said Morgan Cooper, the Island County Republican Party’s Vice-Chair.

The event drew its fair share of ire and disdain. Cars and trucks in support regularly honked horns and gave thumbs up. Those in opposition would either blast vulgar, hate-filled music aimed at the President, shout, or project obscenities towards the protestors. “We’re counting Communists and non-Communists,” commented Andy Valerosa, Executive Director of the Island County Young Republicans. When asked how he could tell the difference, he said, “The finger they use!”

Opponents of the ICRP protest express their disdain

As conservatives gathered in Oak Harbor, other protesters across the nation gathered in Washington DC while Congress met to accept elector’s ballots. The joint session was halted after protestors breached the Capitol building. Independent footage from the event showed Capitol Police allowing demonstrators onto the premises prior to the building’s breach. The session was evacuated to undisclosed locations when the building became infiltrated by the demonstrators. Tim Hazelo, Chair of the Island County Republican Party, expressed support for the Constitutionally protected freedoms Americans have always enjoyed. “I’m supportive of the cause but not the act of breaking into the Capitol. Of course, if left-wing ANTIFA or the fascist-anti-fascists had done the same, their actions would have been painted as justified. Violence is always the absolute last resort to protect liberty. We are not there yet.”

The new leadership of the Island County Republican Party appears prepared to continue to advocate for the cause of liberty despite the ire drawn from a vociferous few. “I encourage all people from all sides to join us on our journey to recover the greatness of our nation,” Hazelo expressed. For the county Republicans to repair the breach, leadership will need to stay engaged and patient.


  1. Thanks for publishing this insightful article. Enthusiasm and passion for anything is in short supply these days and to see people taking out time to pursue their beliefs is positive. What is missing here is ‘what’ is being endorsed and a largely negative, accusatory tone aimed at people which this group of individuals hasn’t taken the time to understand through dialogue.
    So let’s start on ‘what’ is being endorsed. The Trump part of the republican party stands for very little outside of displays of excess, destruction, and placating anything they don’t take the time to understand. Republicans, traditionalists if you will, have specific beliefs on policy and fiscal discipline at home and abroad. They would only call out a communist when they actually knew the person represented that ideal because they have taken the time to know what one is in the first place. It would be great to see what the Trump Republicans stand for in truth.
    The ‘counting communists’ hails back to a dark time in USA history of hatred and fear, but let’s take apart the communist derogatory use here in this piece. Some people seem to have forgotten the meaning of various socio-political models. Communism is not socialism, nor is fascism socialism. Today, the United States has a complex political structure: We practice a republic with corporate socialism and free market labor. In simpler terms, we vote for people who are endorsed by companies (lobbying and campaign contributions) who we hope will align to some of our ideals while they primarily focus on bending the laws and support to keep the largest corporations supported. The rest of us, are in a free market labor pool, largely prohibited from organizing now legally. We are paid what the market deems we are worth. Corporations however on earning power are not making money based on what they are worth – tax breaks, subsidies, corp tax rates on par with weak governments in developing nations, and bailouts all create profit for these companies, enabling stock buy backs, which accelerates the stock market for the wealthy individuals who control most of the free shares.
    So what is on the ‘left’ side? Think about what just happened to GameStop with Reddit. Engagement by the masses, acting in their self belief, and pushing back against hedge funds which often purposefully coordinate to raise or lower stock in the market. They fundamentally believe in the rights of individuals and that those rights needs to be supported by the government. Before someone writes off the commentary of this definition, let’s accept we don’t live in a free market and that the free market would devastate us all if we did. We are all socialists if we’ve accepted money or support from the following programs: Medicare, Medicaid, Pensions of any kind including military, been part of a corporate bailout, had our kids go to a public school, food stamps, social security in retirement and much more. Free market, full democracy would mandate we pay for all of these directly out of pocket, not through taxes. The left believes in tuning these programs to the benefit of all, not destroying them.

    Let’s not quibble over scraps here, rather debate over how to create a better life for community not corporations. We need companies yes, but we need the ones who believe employees are stakeholders ahead of who owns the most shares. Under Trump and the Trump Republican congress we have all suffered while corporations have made more money and profit than ever before. Let’s work together to take back our values, our beliefs, our health, and our environments through knowledgeable debate in the communities we live in rather than the brand on a sign.

  2. “The Trump part of the republican party stands for very little outside of displays of excess, destruction, and placating anything they don’t take the time to understand”

    Yeah, that inane claim pretty much destroys any credibility for you on this forum from this point forward.


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