No Masks. No Critical Race Theory. Parents Are Speaking Out!


***The following article by Annalisa Perek was published in The New American, on 5/3/21. It highlights efforts both locally and nationally to bring change to our schools. It is republished with the author’s permission here***

Big things have small beginnings. And a tidal wave of change is coming to our schools, as more and more parents nationwide are courageously speaking out against strict COVID regulations (i.e., all-day masking, rigid hand-washing, and social-distancing rules) and the implementation of critical race theory and other anti-racist curriculum being pushed in the classroom.

Concerned families in deep-blue states are starting to organize and band together, creating online groups to combat school district and government overreach attempting to monitor our children’s health without parental consent and indoctrinate them with leftist ideologies, also without parental consent.

One such group is Island County Concerned Parents, whose members actively write e-mails to the Whidbey Island, Washington, School District. Most recently, these parents signed a petition requesting the board to drop the mask mandates at schools in the island town of Oak Harbor.

Returning fire are the Marxist Black Lives Matter (BLM) activist groups, such as Indivisible Whidbey, which is earnestly sending out calls of its own via social media. A recent post by that group titled “Transforming Education Call to Action” made it known that “there is a small group of people [i.e., the concerned parents mentioned above] on the island who have written letters to the school district in the past, calling for the removal of the BLM sign from the high school and for the school to stop working toward becoming anti-racist.”

In another post, the patriotically minded parents are labeled “bullies” who are vastly outnumbered, and if anyone was wondering, the school board is backing BLM and the advancement of anti-racism curriculum. While conservatives are many, they will need to speak up as BLM is doing, in even larger numbers.  

Fighting for Schools

Some 2,000 miles southeast of Washington state, in Louden County, Virginia, concerned parent-turned-legal activist Ian Prior has bravely taken his school district to task.

On May 1, Prior spoke out against critical race theory in the classroom on Fox News Primetime.

Having already confronted “woke” faculty in his district, Prior, who is also a lawyer, has further obtained legal documents from the school, including part of a presentation delivered by the Louden County “equity director” that essentially serves to brainwash teachers into believing that “white, heterosexual, male Christians, etc.” are “privileged,” while everyone else, i.e., “children, women, people of color, LGBTQ, etc.” are “oppressed.”

A vocal critic of anti-racism curriculum permeating his own district, Prior has built the website to provide a place for parents across the nation to document what is happening in regard to critical race theory in their own areas.

“This really started off in March when there was a group of folks in a private Facebook group, including six school board members who were calling for targeting parents for speaking out against critical race theory,” said Prior. “That motivated people across ideological lines to figure out what was going on in our schools, and why we have created a culture of bullying in our schools, in our communities, that is affecting parents, affecting students, and really tearing the community apart.”

Prior continued, “There are a lot of people out here sending FOIAs (Freedom of Information Act requests), uncovering documents that really show the divisive nature of what they are trying to indoctrinate our teachers with, and what our teachers will indoctrinate our kids with. It’s really appalling stuff.”

The Fox anchor pointed out that the teachers’ unions are the strongest instigators of this philosophy, though many teachers are saying the new curriculum such as critical race theory is crazy and have left their jobs after they realize that much of this material is used to indoctrinate adults who will then indoctrinate the children. She asked Prior if teachers are supporting him in this fight.

“Absolutely, absolutely. We set up a political action committee,, where we’re getting all kinds of tips every day. A lot of the tips come from parents, but a lot of it comes from teachers. Teachers are fed up having to go through these brainwashing sessions and they don’t want to teach the kids this stuff … but they are petrified to come out and speak out because they fear repercussions from the school system, from the school board, everybody.”

Prior went on to say, “It’s really to investigate, communicate, activate. We’ve been doing the investigation, communicating with teachers, talking to parents, and then we communicate it. We get it out there and shine the spotlight of accountability on the school board and on the system. And as far as activating, that is why we set up, so we can then engage in a recall election and recall petition to get these six school board members off the school board. They were in a private Facebook room where crimes were being suggested [against the dissenting parents] and they did absolutely nothing.”

While Prior is an exemplary “example of [a concerned parent] taking control of his community,” as the Fox anchor so aptly stated, he is not alone.

Activist parents in other cities such as Vail, Arizona, are equally outraged. On April 28, a group gathered in protest of their school board refusing to drop the school mask requirement even after Governor Doug Ducey lifted the state mask mandate. The board was in session at the time of the protest but abruptly decided to cancel the meeting. Parents then took it upon themselves to nominate and vote for five new board members, voting unanimously on a motion to end the school mask mandate before ending the impromptu meeting. At this point, it is unclear if their actions were effective.

The good news is as these incidents happen, parents are learning more and are going to be more prepared to take action.

Announced today on Fox & Friends was the headline that anti-woke parents had won control of a school board in Southlake, Texas. These first steps toward turning the schools around should be an encouragement to all Americans.

As Hannah Smith, a recently elected school board member of the Carroll Independent School District, told Fox:

This election was a referendum on those who put personal politics and divisive philosophies ahead of Carroll ISD students and families and their common American heritage and Texas values.… The voters have come together in record-breaking numbers to restore unity. By a landslide vote, they don’t want racially divisive critical race theory taught to their children or forced on their teachers. Voters agreed with my positive vision for our community and its future.

Evidenced by the examples above, change is afoot, and it starts at the local level. Parents must get involved, or pull their kids out of government schools. Time is running out.


  1. Remember when the local BLM crowd and their affiliates demonstrated in Oak Harbor about year ago?

    Some local conservatives / libertarians thought it was cool to join in with those events. You know, to show some sort of solidarity or some such nonsense.

    Wake up, people. The leftists are not our buddies.


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