Introducing the Island County Young Republicans


The newly formed Island County Chapter of the Young Republicans received their charter in August 2020. 

Young Republicans are an energetic group of young men and women ages 18 to 40. They are the Party’s future leaders and work hard to put Republican conservative principles into action, fighting to keep the American Dream alive and help elect Republicans.  

Our core mission consists of recruiting new members, involving them with the Island County Republican Party, candidates, and elected officials, building a strong network of young conservatives. These young Americans are the next generation of party leaders, campaign workers, and elected officials. They are the future of our Party and our Country.

Our Pre-Victory optimism called for a celebration, our first fundraiser, held on October 17th. The event was hosted in an open-air outdoor barn and drew a great crowd. There was fabulous food, good drink, and friendships of all ages. The YR’s hosted a silent auction to get this newly formed group off to a good start. Candidates in attendance spoke and energized the crowd, renewing our hopes to turn our state around, including Tim Hazelo, Bill Bruch, Dan Evans, Damian Greene, Sue Pederson, and Josh Culp representing Loren Culp. If you were not there, you missed a fantastic event! We had a great time.

Membership recruitment is one of our near-immediate term goals. I urge anyone interested in joining this dynamic group of young men and women to contact us.

Facebook – Island County Young Republicans

YR President – Korbin Graham,

YR Executive Director – Andy Valrosa, 


  1. Andy that was a great article! It’s about time we have a youth conservative group on the island. I look forward to more stories.

    • Thanks Paul. I started on back in the early 2000s but hard to keep it together cause everyone went off to college. this time we have a group that seem to be staying put so hopefully we can continue to grow the club. If you know anyone in that age group certainly let me know


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